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Full Version: Happy V Day!!
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Just want to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's.
yes, happy VD everyone! I gave my boyfriend a pair of 600 threadcount cotton boxer shorts, a banana chocolate bar, and this travel size of mint liquid soap that he likes. He adopted a pig in my name - I'll get a photo of the pig and info about it in the mail soon. I've always wanted a pet pig so this will be the closest I get!
So i just got my valentine like 45 minutes agoBig Grin (its kinda a joke, but w.e) , but I can't do anything. :mad:
stupid commitments.
happy vday to you too.
Thanks Smile Happy v-day to everyone!

Chocolate and champagne all round

[Image: choc+bubbly13w.jpg]
ha it's funny cuz all day I've been like...."f*ck valentines day" (excuse the language)...and happy when all the flowers are given and the sappy cards and stuff. This is actually my sorry single ass feeling pathetic. But after seeing this thread it makes me feel better, and those chocolates look REALLY good Big Grin
Yeah, happy V Day everyone! I just go home...haha I just spend about 5 hours with my girlfriend. Woo boy.
happy valentines do you spell oxymoron?