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Full Version: Happy Zombie-Jesus Day!
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"have a good rest of your easter. oh, and watch out for jesus. i hear he appears around this time" - a friend. who is not religious. at all.

just a may want to be careful what you post concerning "relgious" celebrations...
graceful31 Wrote:just a may want to be careful what you post concerning "relgious" celebrations...
Ok, religion is created by man, therefore doomed to fail. There are several holes in this "documentary" and to get the whole picture, you need to do your own research. There is some interesting facts which are entertaining but a good deal of it is just to confuse people and to support someone elses views against a belief in God. Prehaps you would be willing to debate?Smile
Just a note, a correction if you will, I believe in God, not in religion.
Of course it supports someone else's views on religion, it's designed to persuade you into those views

This debate has been going on since the beginning of time, I'm not gonna continue it on a snowboarding forum.

You can believe whatever you like.
ohhhhh religion.

someloser*rider Wrote:ohhhhh religion.

Heh ya
i knew what we were talking about.
it was a statement old friend that you're reminiscing about.
like.."ohhhhhh..that crazy george."

there was a letter to the editor in my paper today about religion.
i seriously laughed out loud i found it so ridiculous.
Ok, suit yourself. Smile
It's interesting though to see other people's reaction to a word and how they came to react in that way.