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Full Version: I watch my knees will not allow me to drama from now on
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Thanks for the reassurance, I was literally racking my mind on deciding which build to pick. This past year I used offensive threat and that I was going to select scoring machine this moment, but I wanted something different. I get hof finishing and shooting badges, 84 forcing by dip, 83 midrange and 79 three pointer. I'm trash right now with no badges also it is very difficult to 2K MT make any shots. I thought I would regret making this build and spending my VC to put him 85 and he is still sexy garbage.

Mid range finisher

There's an open multiplayer lobby for mostly pickup street gamesI believe the bigger conspiracy here is what the hell made you purchase that game.You're correct, I watch my knees will not allow me to drama from now on.

I would not say it is as finely tuned as Hollywood however but its certainly getting there- the quantity of Buy NBA 2K MT psychological impact is definitely palpable in those cover to win type games.The build is fine and stuff. But calling builds"demonic" or"demigod" is the cringiest shit.